PHANA is a registered representative organisation of private healthcare establishments in Karnataka with about 400 members in Bangalore and close to 1000 associate members in Karnataka outside the city of Bangalore. PHANA was established in the year 1999-2000.

Presently PHANA has more than 400 members. We have formed 7 zones in Bangalore along with zonal committees which shall henceforth be the driving force of all our activities, to streamline the activities of our association as well as to canalize the strengths and energies of members and to build up the reputation of  brand PHANA. PHANA has been in the forefront of addressing the problems of all hospitals in Bangalore and closely working with allied associations like the IMA, NATHEALTH, B-PAC MAHAN- Mysore, T-PHANA – Tumkur, Nursing Homes & Hospital Owners Association – South Canara and KPMPT – Vijapur, and AHPI to take up issues like enhancing patient safety, healthcare quality, awareness on Medico legal & statutory issues and skill development.

PHANA has built up a good reputation not only in Bangalore but throughout Karnataka. In fact, hospitals across Karnataka also want to become members of our association.

Since the inception of PHANA, there has been a sea change in the healthcare scenario in Bangalore. Not only has there been an exponential increase in the population of Bangalore, but the number of hospitals have almost doubled in the last decade. With this has come new laws and regulations. Today, we face multiple regulations and report to multiple agencies, with an overlapping of the agencies and regulations. The duplication of regulations, accompanying paperwork and follow up with multiple agencies and regulatory bodies is not only adding to the cost of healthcare delivery, but many of the small nursing homes (10-30 bedded) who form more than 70 % of our members are finding difficulty in complying with the law. To address this issue, PHANA, with your suggestions and active supports, would like to lobby with the government to rationalize the regulations and if possible to have a single window for all clearances.

Membership of the Private Hospitals & Nursing Homes Association (PHANA) -Bengaluru is voluntary. As such, our members have the utmost commitment to quality services, ethical conduct and professional health care standards.

The PHANA’s Aims Are:

To ensure that people of Namma Bengaluru are empowered with personal choice and rapid access to affordable hospital care of the highest quality.To champion the cause of private hospitals in delivering the very best in hospital care to patients.To promote and protect the interests of private hospitals, their owners and operators, and to proactively interact with members, to ensure private health care continues to be dynamic in meeting the ever-changing needs of the Namma Bengaluru community.To strive in achieving acceptance by governments of a comprehensive role for private hospitals in their desire to provide a full range of health care services and their commitment to adequate self-regulation and review – thus ensuring the highest standards in quality care.To adopt all measures necessary to emphasise the rightful place of private hospitals in Namma Bengaluru’s unique balanced health care system.

To Achieve These Aims, The PHANA Will:

Initiate, foster and maintain a consultative, cooperative and communicative approach to dealing with governments, other health and health-related organisations, media, community groups and the public. Act as the principal coordinating and peak lobbying body for private hospitals and day surgery facilities. Encourage and facilitate united positions among member and non-member private hospitals, as well as all other relevant bodies, to achieve consensus in the policies and issues advanced.Promote and recognize the highest professional and ethical standards,health service delivery achievements and innovative medical and non-medical treatments for the betterment of patient and community well being. Stimulate greater awareness of private hospital excellence through improved communication between hospitals and the Namma Bengaluru community.

It was then

Based on various allegations in private Hospitals and Nursing Homes by the Private and the public and Governments of Karnataka Constituted a Committee to look into the various allegations and for the rates for various medical treatment in their order No. HMA414 CGE 76, 20th Nov. 1976. The Members of the Committee were Sri Puttaswamy MLA as Chairman. The administrative Officer of Directorate of Health and Family welfare serves as secretary. The other members were Smt. Vijay Desai MLA. Sri. S R Bommai MLC, Sri A M Belliappa MLA, Sri Bhaskar Shetty MLA, The Committee also called upon Director of Health and Family welfare. Indian Medical Association Karnataka Medical Council, Voluntary Health Organizations and Association of Nursing Homes and Private hospitals. The Committee Considered 130 Memoranda, held 52 meetings and toured 2days, visited 93 Nursing homes and hospitals and interviewed 31 Associations, 307 Officers, doctors and others. The Report was published in the year 1978.

The Report Stated that

Private Nursing Homes and Hospitals are supplementing in a big way in providing Health care in our state. By and large they were run satisfactorily and patients are taken care of. There was no exploitation, charges were not excessive. There private Sector has to be given encouragement to increase its efforts to provide more medical facilities. There are very few Nursing Homes, which are not up to the mark and they can be pulled up to improve their quality care by peer reviews.Unfortunately this information was not furnished to the society.

How it is now

Now the public image on Nursing Homes and Private is not different. It is time that our organization should project to society the good work that has been done by the Members of our organization. We provide Health care to nearly 80% of the population and are supplementary to Government Hospital. In Private Hospital, Doctors are self employed and provide jobs to various people in their Nursing Homes. Almost all members of our organization do some charitable work and participate in education of the society. All social, political, charitable trusts always tap the resources of the Doctors for various free Health comps, Blood Donation Camps, etc. We Doctors believe that the patients put their trust and submit their lives and well being in our hands and we must always be prepared to justify our actions.

What Next

It is of utmost importance for us to voice our concerns united, strengthen our self while simultaneously educating the society. Here are some of the suggestions, which I personally feel are beneficial-To Rope in as many members to increase the PHANA strength and have a greater voice. To have representations for PHANA at various NGOs, Government State Holders Meeting, and issues of general concern for public. PHANA to observe, special days of Global, national and State interest such as Environment Day, Anti-tobacco Day, Drug Abuse Prevention Day, Breast Feeding Week, Anti TB Day, Aids walk, etc. PHANA to conduct competitions for children on general matters of health to create awareness. To use good offices and contacts. To occasionally muster for issues of general concern and when natural calamities strike-let PHANA contribute by way of services during such calamities. To make specific contributions from the funds of the Institution for purposes of rendering aid in the form of food , shelter medical help in disaster struck areas. To Represent PHANA as an organization at various Public Health Meets and send representatives at the United Nations, Who Meets. To encourage research and submit findings. To invite Media for Conferences on issues of common interest and concern and achievements of Members. To adopt small parks, circles and tree planting programs by PHANA.To Sponsor streetlights in areas where there are no facilities adjoining your institutions. To remember that these small initiatives will bring PHANA the recognition that is long overdue.